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BALTA LETENA golden retrievers



Bora Balta Letena

Bora, October of 2014

photo by Jonaiste Jusionyte

3 generations: Rumba, Bora, Gelma

photo by Jonaiste Jusionyte

balandis, 2012

January of 2012

June of 2011

BOB and BIS/1 in Retriever Club show-2011

BOB and BIS/1 in Retriever Club show-2011,
Jef Varrees, Belgium (kennel „Of Lucifers Delight")

Mother and daughter: Gelma and Bora, Kernave Regional Park

BOB and BIS-3 in Retriever Club Show 2010, judge PIA RAZERA BRULIN, Sweden

BOB, National show, 2009 summer, with judge A. Babianskiene

Summer of 2009

BOB, Latvian retriever Club Show, 2009 spring, with judge Rui Oliveira, Portugal

December of 2008

Autumn of 2008

Summer, 2008

2008-05-10, Bora became JBOB
All breeds show in Plock, Poland with judge Jan Roger Sauge, Norway

2007-10-06, Bora became Puppy BOB and BIS/2
Retriever Club Show
in Jovariškės, judge Anne-Margrethe Bjorvik (Norway)







Two weeks old


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